Communication Peppermint

Save Money

In business we all like to save money, right, well we at Peppermint Media can save you money like never before...

Price Guarantee

We promise we can beat any price you pay for your landline telephone calls, both Internationally and Nationally and with Peppermint there is no small print and no contract, you just pay as you go its that simple, so if we don't deliver on our price guarantee then just cancel, we leave you in control!

No Hidden Charge

Plus at Peppermint we promise you there are no hidden charges we are the only telecoms provider to operate with total transparency and on average we reduce business call costs by 65% if not more.

Affordable Telephone Systems

Do you think your business is too small to have a professional telephone system? Do you think the cost of such a system is out of your budget? Well think again, at Peppermint Media we offer bespoke telephone systems or you can upgrade your existing system for a very affordable cost.

Peppermint Media phone systems offer great flexibility and can be designed to fit your business requirements. Our VoIP systems have all the features of any advanced telephone system including, call waiting, time conditional routing, voicemail and call divert. VoIP gives you the added flexibility to have multiple incoming numbers from over 65 countries, multiple simultaneous outgoing and incoming calls and handsets working on your internal system in multiple geographic locations.

Goal definition

Identify how your company works.


A telephone system that compliments your business model.


A seamless implementation of your new system.